4" 100mm 1pcs Concrete Grinding Disc

DIY construction projects are made easier with the Concrete Grinding Disc that are built for high-performance, clean and precise cuts!

The 4" 100mm 1pcs Concrete Grinding Disc’s heat-treated cup design is designed for grinding granite plate edges, chamfering and arc grinding. It has large grinding segments and large grinding speed that you are assured of its longer service life. You will definitely enjoy your DIY construction projects as this concrete grinding disc can be used for DIY grinding and polishing, wood, metal, and mold!

Get the job done with the Concrete Grinding Disc!

Our Concrete Grinding Disc is made of fine quality material and is easy to use and install. Its blade thickness is built for a smoother chip removal and a more keen cutting. Anyone who uses this grinding disc finds it more productive to use it as compared to the conventional ones because of its vibration-free design. You can use for stone grinding, asphalt grinding, ceramic grinding, and whatever you need to cut in your DIY construction projects!


Why Our Concrete Grinding Disc is Superb

  • PRECISE, EASY, AND FAST CUTTING: The Concrete Grinding Disc has a diamond cup grinding wheel for a precise, easy and fast cutting on concrete, stone, and masonry.
  • LONG LIFE: The disc is made of high diamond concentration.
  • DURABLE: Increased durability and wheel life since the grinding disc has large grinding segments that are made of heat-treated steel bodies.
  • HOLE DESIGN: The grinding wheels has air holes that are designed to help in maintaining and cooling the cutting pattern and decreasing wear.
  • VERSATILE: Can be used generally for dry or wet grinding of concrete granite, stone, tile, masonry, marble, and some other construction material to even rough surfaces and to remove flashing.

Cautions When Using:

-  Make sure that the wheel is properly gripped to prevent slippage.

-  Do not tighten with excessive force and never use a hammer.


Product Specifications:

Name: 100mm/4inch Diamond Grinding Wheel Disc Cutting Piece
Color: Purple
Material: Alloy
Diameter: 100mm / 4"
Inner hole diameter: 22mm / 0.9"
Blade thickness: 5mm/ 0.2"
Applications: for grind on marble, tile, concrete, rock, etc.


What's Included in the Package: 

1 x Segment Grinding Wheel