2pc Caulking Remover Tool

There are a few occasions in your life when you need to take things on your own hand. It can be a silly repair in your home, garden, and car or a massive repair. So, when you see the caulk or silicone is getting moldy or something worse is happening with it. You’ll feel that the caulk should now be removed. And you can do that easily with our Caulking Remover Tool. 

The tool comes in a plastic body which allows you to control and grip the tool easily. It has a heavy-duty removing tool at the top which makes you feel comfortable when you use it to remove the old caulking.  It is handy in cleaning the caulking surface after removing the old caulk. Yes, it comes with a surface cleaning blade also. The Blade will help you to clean the surface without harming the newly applied caulk with great precision. So, you can use the tool for your home improvement without spending much time gathering different tools. 

  • Perfect for removing old caulks, making your tiles and wall corners looking good as new
  • Do not be shy of using it on the wet or moisture areas. This solvent resistant tool is waterproof and durable.
  • It comes with a heavy-duty removing tool at the top that helps you use this tool in a better way.
  • It has a plastic body that allows you to control and grip the tool easily