200amp Welding Clamp

We frequently see many weld quality and welding machine performance issues caused by earth clamps that are either in poor condition a poorly designed clamp. Yes it’s a basic piece of equipment, but it can make all the difference!  Our 200amp Welding Clamp can offer you the best quality of life and can make our welding journey a nice & easy one!

This welding clamp is not just an accessory to hold metal together - it helps to make sure that all the welding current passes through the clamp. Without a good connection, the performance of the welder and the welding machine will be compromised which means that your welding quality will be inferior.  Its uniqueness lies in its handle - it uses a special insulation heat-resistant material that can withstand all kinds of welding power with ease.  Its ergonomically designed, super thick, comfortable, and anti-slip.  A total must-have!

  • Perfect for achieving high-quality welding

  • Unique handle with special insulation heat-resistant material which is ergonomically designed for best welding results

  • Easy to use
  • Specifications:
    Material: Metal + ABS
    Current capacity: 200A
  • Package includes: 
    1x Welders clamp (5 m line)
    1x Ground clamp (2 m line)