How long will it take to get my money back

It typically takes 1-3 business days for the refund to process into your account, depending on how your bank processes the refund, and for the funds to appear in your bank account. 

If you do not see the refund back into your account, we recommend you contact your issuing bank first, with the refund transaction ID received by email.  They most surely have more information about the status of your refund.

Why hasn't my refund been posted back to my account yet?

There are some reasons why you haven't received your refund:

  • Voided transaction - The charge did not settle on our end and it became a voided transaction. Which means that the charge that was on your account has been dropped and disappeared as if it never left. If you tell the bank your transaction id and have them search it, they would not be able to find it because the charge itself should have been dropped
  • A problem on your issuing bank's end - If none of the above applies, we advise calling your bank for further information