Combination Ratchet Wrench Set - 5pc / 7pc / 12pc

Our Combination Ratchet Wrench Set has every standard wrench you’ll ever need, so you won’t have to buy these tools again in the future.

It is easily the best all-metric wrench set, featuring long-handled wrenches, so you can maximize your torque and make even the toughest jobs easy. The size is also stamped on both the head and the shaft, so you can quickly identify which size is which and get back to work. Plus, these wrenches come with offset box ends, which will help protect your knuckles when working with surface-mounted nuts or bolts. If you’ve suffered through non-offset wrenches before, you know how nice this feature can be.

These wrenches are forged from chrome vanadium steel. This is some of the best steel for tools because it’s extremely strong, but not brittle, and it also naturally resists corrosion. Coupled with a convenient-sized storage bag for easy travel.

  • Best all-metric wrench set
  • Long handles - maximizes torque during work
  • Made with chrome vanadium steel for high durability & strength