Gardening Transplanting Pot Pad

Perfect Pot Pad For Garden

Lock design, four corners to prevent water and soil from leaking out.  When used, the water and soil are not easy to spill and avoid soiling the floor.

Save Time and Money:  No more clumsy and expensive constructions, but a simple repotting mat. You can set it up in no time and it is much cheaper than other repotting methods. In addition, you waste fewer resources!

Easy To Use: Very large work surface and easy to clean. Lightweight and foldable, perfect for a quick setup to water or repot your plants.

Prevent Clutter:  Using the Transplanting Pot Pad prevents potting soil and other plant nutrients from lying around. You catch everything, and just as easily throw it away in the green bin!

Waterproof:  The material ensures that the water cannot pass through. This way you ensure that your workplace does not get ugly water circles and therefore remains neat and tidy!

Ideal In Use:  E standard easy for succulent plantings, maintenance of bonsai trees, and indoors for small treatments on plants.


  • Available sizes:  68 and 100 cm in diameter


  • 1 x  Gardening Transplanting Pot Pad