1000V 20A Multimeter Test Probe

If you’re looking for the best fluke test leads, then our 1000V 20A Multimeter Test Probe is the best choice. This set of test leads are reliable, accurate, and practically designed. The feature that helps set apart cutting-edge technology, which allows you to extend or retract the tip shroud – making the leads a lot more versatile.

Since you can expose as much of the lead as you need while the rest of it remains shrouded, these leads are safer than most. To further enhance the safety of these leads, they’re equipped with two layers of insulation, the second of which is brightly colored as a warning in case they are tearing up or wearing down. 

  • These leads are rated up to 1000 V at CAT III and up to 600 V at CAT IV. These test leads can also be used in a wide range of conditions, as they remain flexible in the cold.
  • The leads are 100cm long, which should give you enough room to work comfortably.
  • Made with ultra-soft PVC silicone line for that extra durability & strength