Nano Magic Tape

Stop struggling to get things to stay on the walls with a durable and long-lasting tape!

Hammering nails in a wall to hang family photos, posters, routers or any decorations is a hectic and old way of working. It requires a lot of effort and precision to hammer straight nails in a wall and not make a mess.  With our Magic Nano Tape, it is easier than ever to hang things as it’s custom Nano Gel design makes a high strength bond with any surface and provides maximum comfort by holding those precious items for a long time.

Normal adhesive tapes can leave marks on the surface when removed, but this is not the case with our Nano Tape, as it’s transparent reusable tape provides a clean and traceless result with a strong and durable bond. Unlike other tapes that go straight to the trash after they get dirty,  our Nano Tape can be washed easily & quickly with water and reused on the same surface.

Other Key Benefits:

  • Instead of hammering nails or using glue to hang things on the wall,  save time with our Nano Tape that can do the same work in less than 30 secs with instant grip on the wall
  • To keep the carpet from sliding on the tiles, our Nano Tape will hold the carpet in its place with its strong adhesive Nano Gel that can stick to any rough surface
  • Our strong Nano Tape can hold a weight of up to 1 KG/2.2 lbs that allows to hang those beautiful photos of the loved ones and treasured moments anywhere you want
  • Unlike other tapes with low quality and quantity,  save extra money with a big roll of Nano Tape that has a length of 16.5 FT/ 5 Metre or 66 FT/ 20 Metre and a thickness that provides a cushion between object and the surface

How to Use: (2 Simple Steps)

  • Easy to Apply and Remove - The Nano Tape’seco-friendly materials make it safe and simple to use. Just cut a suitable piece of tape with a pair of scissors and apply them on the surface. If you want to remove the tape, it’s as easy as removing a normal tape 
  • How to Reuse- Want to replace the old frame with a new one?No need to throw away the used piece of tape. Remove it from the surface and if it is dirty, simply clean it by washing it with water. Apply it again on the target surface and enjoy a strong bond
  • Transparent Material- Use the Nano tape to stick things where the tape needs toblend with any textured and colorful walls because the tape is made of transparent material