True RMS Clamp Meter

Our True RMS Clamp Meters are an absolute must-have for all electrical contractors.  These incredible tools make it easy to measure and identify any troublesome current fluctuations in the household or commercial circuits. Plus, they are also good for the average DIYer diagnosing problems in their home, car, or even a boat! 

Available in 5 different models - UT201+/202+/202A+/203+/204+ - these clamp meters offer high-precision measurements with high-voltage frequency & AC/DC current measurement function, making it absolutely perfect for all kinds of measurements for electronics.  Super smart design with anti-burn protection, large LCD, error-detection protection, and more. 

  • Consists of basic functions of electrical measurement:
    High-precision measurement
    High-voltage frequency (up to 600V) in real-time
    AC/DC current measurement 
    Capacitance measurement (up to 60mF)
  • It comes with anti-burn, over-voltage, over-current alarm prompts for maximum reliability & safe use. 
  • Large LCD screen for clear readings
  • Specifications:
    Measuring Current Range:  600A
    Operating Temperature:  0~40℃
    Measuring Capacitance Range:  60mF
    Model:  UT201+/UT202+/UT203+/UT204+/UT202A+
    Measuring Resistance Range:  60MΩ
    Measuring Voltage Range:  600V
    NCV:  Yes
    Data hold:  Yes
    Auto power off:  Yes
    True RMS:  Yes
    Diode test:  Yes
    Auto range:  Yes