Multifunctional Wire Cutting Tool

Our wire cutting tool is a three in one tool that all electricians drool about possessing. It triples as a wire stripper, wire cutter, and a crimping tool.

The cutter excels at cutting, stripping and crimping electric wires especially those made from copper and aluminum.  Its special design comes from its precisely and strategically placed teeth grab that is responsible for holding, pulling and removing outer jackets of electric wires. What’s more, is that you can adjust the range with its built-in labels that you can use to get your desired results.  

  • 3 in 1 - Wire stripper, cutter, and crimper
  • Special design with precisely & strategically placed teeth grabs for better functionality
  • With built-in range labels to help you with the cutting process
  • Terminal crimp range:  0.75-1-1.5-2.5-4
    Stripping function range:  0.75-1-1.5-2.5-4