G Wood Clamp

When we are talking about woodworking clamps, our G clamp is the best pick. It uses heavy-duty materials for long-lasting use. 

Versatile in design - and it can be used for fastening, gluing, and assembling in metalworking, woodworking, and in automotive applications. It has an I-beam design for that extra durability & stability. The screws on this clamp glide smoothly without sticking or binding. For the pressure to be applied evenly, this clamp has a swivel jaw pad that floats inside a ball that provides low resistance.

  • Perfect for all kinds of woodworking tasks
  • Super lightweight - easy to use
  • Made with heavy-duty materials for long-lasting use
  • Works for all kinds of objects thanks to its movable jaws plus the soft rubber clamps ensures maximum protection for the objects it holds.