8"/10"/12" Multifunctional Water Pump Pliers

Our multifunctional water pump pliers are an essential tool that allows for a solid grip on nuts and bolts, as well as allowing for the user to get a solid hold on irregularly shaped objects – even on the smooth surface of piping. 

Made with chrome vanadium steel with Seiko forging that allows it to be extremely durable and hardened to handle even the most demanding of conditions. With its7 anti-slip settings, toothed rib jaw, 70-75-105mm stretch/gape capacity (depending on what size you pick), and comfort grip handle,  you can use this tool in a variety of situations – including when the object being gripped is wet.  Plus, they are adjustable to handle many different diameters of items in many different configurations – round, hex or square

  • Made with chromium vanadian steel with Seiko forging for high durability & strength
  • Equipped with 7 anti-slip settings for higher flexibility to be used under any work condition
  • Opening length with both hands:
    8":  70mm
    10": 75mm
    12":  100mm
  • Comfort grip handle for easy use
  • Usable on different configurations - round, hex, or square