January 27, 2020 1 min read

Wing Nuts are super helpful in many applications. They are easy to work with, but have their limitations. Here’s a quick guide for using and getting the most out of these handy fasteners:

When to use wing nuts

Use wing nuts when you need a fastener that you can open and tighten often and easily, for example a lid on an engine where you would still want access for maintenance. A tool like themagic socketcan make opening and tightening the odd shape of a wing nut easy and without damaging them.

When not to use wing nuts

Wing nuts have their limits. Any application where they will be subject to a lot of vibrations is not a good fit, as they easily vibrate loose. Another situation to avoid is where the fastener needs to be very tight, for example when something needs to be waterproof.

How to Maintain wing nuts

To maintain wing nuts for the long haul, it’s important that you buy them to suit the application. For example, getting corrosion-resistant wing nuts makes sense for outdoor or marine applications. Getting the right material for the job saves costs and maintenance in the long run. 


Wing nuts are handy for many DIY, contracting, mechanical and home maintenance applications. Follow these simple guidelines to use them properly, and make all your projects easier.