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January 19, 2020 2 min read

We’re past the winter solstice, so technically, summer is on it’s way! That said, there’s no reason to wait for mother nature to get grillin’! There are many winter grilling enthusiasts out there, and we’re among them. To get you motivated to keep the best ribs and burgers going year-round, here’s our seven best pointers for all-season grilling from some seasoned grill-heads!

1. Stay Warm

We’re surprised we need to even say it, but bundle up! We’ve all seen the neighbor or the in-law scurrying in and out to the deck in a t-shirt and shorts. Stay in the game and wear some layers! And no, a whiskey blanket is not gonna cut it. 

2. Cover your Grill

Really, no excuses. You’re not doing yourself any favors without one. If you don’t enjoy scraping off your car, why would you want to scrape the ice off the grill? Get it covered and you’ll thank yourself later (and us, too). 

3. Keep the Grill close (But Not Too Close)

We love a good snowshoe expedition, but not to check the brisket! Limit your exposure to the elements with strategic grill placement that keeps your grill close at hand, but no closer than 10 feet from the home or other structures, for safety. 

4. Re-fill your Own Propane tanks

Winter conditions make travel hazardous, so stock up and hunker down! We keep a few extra tanks around, and re-fill our own 1-lb tanks for expeditions and home use with the indispensable easy-fill propane tool.


5. Keep the Grill Shut

We love looking at the glistening glory of a sizzling steak as much as anyone, but in winter, it’s critical to keep a lid on it. Consider low-maintenance recipes and fast-cooking foods that don’t require a lot of lid operation. Maintaining a high, consistent temperature is key!

6. Cover Your Food

Following the principle from tip #6, we want to keep that temperature high, straight through to serving. Cold air zaps heat like crazy, so put a sturdy insulating cover to carry in whatever you’re cooking. Nobody wants a chilled burger- save the ice for your drinks!

7. Extra Warm-up time

This one’s especially key for game days. To get everything ready for kick-off, give the grill extra time to get hot and ready. If you’re usually fired up in 20 minutes in summer, we recommend 40 in winter. Colder days = longer warm up times. It’s science.