January 27, 2020 1 min read

Most people would rather go to the dentist than scrub their bathtub. But research shows that having a clean living space actually leads to reduced stress and better well-being. Here at GearMeUp, we’re a bit fanatical about cleanliness, and we’re actually pretty good at motivational coaching, too. Here’s how we get pumped to git’r’done when it comes to buffing up around the house:

Pick some Jams

Nothing motivates us like a good playlist. Keep the energy high and the momentum going with some of your favorite jams. Sing along like you’re in the shower, we won’t judge!

Set a specific Goal

Start your project with a specific end-goal in mind. Vague goals get nowhere! Instead of “organize the garage”, try to make it specific, like “throw out enough junk to clear 3 shelves”. That way, you know what you’re working towards.

Make it Easier

Why make something difficult even more challenging? If you don’t have robot butlers doing our bidding just yet, you can save some elbow grease with effort-saving gear likeour drill brush set. When cleaning is this easy, it might actually be...fun!

Reward yourself

Who doesn’t love to treat themselves? Give yourself a guilt-free excuse to do what you love as a reward for kicking so much butt! You deserve it. 

Now get out there, crank the jams, grab your gear and get to it!